Tata Tiago - Ownership Review

The Tata Tiago has been launched in India at a price of between Rs. 3.29 (Base Petrol) - 5.79 (Top Diesel) lakhs (ex-Chennai). Tiago comes in 7 different variants – XB, XE, XM, XT, XZ , XZA and XTA where XZA and XTA are Automatic Variants.
I got my Tiago XZ (P) on November 16, 2016 and its going to be one year since I got this cute little beast.

First Photo of My Car during PDI


1. Styling - The car is stunning to look and has got a very premium look in its segment.
The new IMPACT design language has worked well.
2. Build Quality - Tank like build quality induces confidence. No cost cutting at all.
3. Driveability - The EPAS is easily one of the best, its light at low speeds and gains weight on high speeds which makes it a fun to drive hatchback. The ergonomics is good for long rides. Both the engines are newly developed units and has a  good driveability.
4. ICE - One of the highlight features of Tiago is its 8-Speaker Harmon entertainment system. Hearing music in this ICE is pure bliss. The sound quality is a notch higher compared to the cars one or two segments above.
5. Safety & Features - ABS, EBD, CSC, Two air bags, Rear Parking Sensors, close to 22 Utility spaces, 242L boot, Two driving modes (Eco, City) for manual and has a additional Sport mode in Automatic variants, Speed dependent auto door locks and much more.

Getting Delivery of my Tiago
My son taking his seat


1. Engine - The 3-cylinder Engine's performance is not upto the mark.
At times the petrol engine is not as fun as it feels in the highway, to drive in bumper to bumper traffic. I had few occasions where there was no power delivery for about 2-3 seconds while in second gear.
You also need to plan your highway overtakes by reducing one or two gears so that you can press the gas pedal to get more power/torque for overtaking.
2. Tata should have concentrated on the NVH levels.
Wind/Engine noise creeps inside while you cross 80KMPH. Vibrations are felt inside the cabin while on low rpms and on idle.
3. The main concern is TASS - Tata After Sales Service. TATA is mainly concentrating on ASS and I can see a significant improvement from my first Service to third Service, but still there are plenty of room for improvements.

Washed and Waxed

I personally like the Sunburst Orange Colour(which I own) which looks dashing when properly washed and waxed. Its a feast to eyes to look at this little beauty in sunlight. The shine and glitter makes you go wow...

Added Ambient Lighting - The Blue light looks awesome during night ride

Overall the experience was so good.. had many good moments with my little beast but there are also few bad moments. Within a month of purchase got a big deep scratch from a two wheeler on my rear left door. Felt very sad but consoled myself since the roads are filled with these kind of idiots. Got few more scratches too but made up my mind 'Don't Feel for this. It Happens'. I really enjoy driving this car in Highways... it gives you lot of confidence even at high speeds and the stability is awesome. Thanks to the solid build quality.

The added weight also impacts the mileage. The average is arund 12-13 KMPL in city and around 18-20 in highways. A number of instances/accidents around India proved how tuff the build quality is in Tiago.

Wonderful 10K Kilometers

If you are a first time car buyer then you should surely have a look at this cute little beast. You wont be disappointed.

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  1. thanks for this write up.... I am also looking to purchase a Tiago... and seeing this blog by an common man means a lot...