Tiago Custom Modifications - 1

So it's been 1.2 years since I got my car - Tata Tiago. I haven't done any major modifications till now except for the seat cover and full floor PVC lamination. Since I have got the extended warranty I don't want to void it by doing major mods. 

PVC Lamination:

PVC lamination is nothing but a sheet of PVC will be laid on the OE carpet mats. The OE carpet mats are prone to get dust easily and it is difficult to maintain if you have a baby onboard, since there are high chances of food and water/liquid spillage.  The fitment of the PVC matting requires removing and refitting of all the seats, the central console surrounding the gear lever and it is very easy to maintain too.

Removal of seats and central console in progress.
After seat and console removed.

The seats and console must be fitted back properly else there will be rattling inside the cabin caused due to ill fitment. I didn't face any issues and was completely satisfied with the job since the craftsmanship was good.

PVC Flooring - Final Stage
Seat Cover:

Ordered the seat cover from the same shop where I did the PVC matting. These covers are not readymade covers which don't fit properly and affects the seat side bolsters. These are specially made covers which have got perfect fit and the material is artificial PU leather. The quality and comfort is good.


Key Fob Cover:

After the first service, I noticed nail imprints on my key fob and realized that the soft layer on the top the key may get damaged while locking and unlocking the car and decided to get a cover for it. I was not able to get on from the local accessories shop, so I ordered one from Flipkart and it serves the purpose well.

       To Be Continued..


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